Liveaboards allow divers/snorkelers to explore areas beyond the reach of dive resorts, transporting you to some of the most remote and spectacular destinations. It's just like a dream coming true. All along the red sea coastline, where you can expect to experience aquatic life at its best along with an abundance of historical wrecks. We offer a range of weekend liveaboard trips to world-class dive locations, including a growing range of exclusive departure ports. as part of our exciting itineraries.

Day Boats

Need a fast boat dive? Don't have a full weekend to spare for a real adventure on a liveaboard? Then day boats are your best option. Day boats are a good way to spend a morning with breakfast on board and a good 2-3 dives/snoprkel at a popular dive site. Just relax and enjoy the morning breeze on board one of our partners day boat trip.   

Diving weekends

Set sail with our partners around this area. Where fun,   exciting adventures and superb services is guaranteed. There are many locations to be explored in the region such as Gizan, Muscat, Sharm El-sheikh and Hurghada. Just contact us and we'll provide you with the information you need about diving locations, best dive centers, packages and much more.   

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