Open Water Diver 

Your unforgettable underwater adventure begins here. The PADI Open Water Diver course is designed to provide you with the needed skills and knowledge to start your underwater adventure.

Advanced Open water Diver

Rescue Diver

 Master Scuba Diver 

This course is  designed to improve your diving skills through experiences that will open new doors to the next  adventure. Such as, diving a little deeper, exploring shipwrecks and mastering your buoyancy.

Want to be in control and help in preventing the problems in the water, and become more confident in your diving skills. It's a demanding course both physically and mentally, yet very rewarding. 

Be a diver that others look up to. Increase your knowledge and sharpen your skills. If you want to join the best in recreational diving then this course is for you. upgrade to this rating to truly set yourself apart.



Become a leader who mentors and motivates others. enhance your knowledge and supervision abilities. travel the world and get paid to go diving. Join many dive professionals as you visit  exotic destinations around the globe.

Assistant  Instructor

With this course you will already do the first part of the PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC). You'll not only gain additional experience as a PADI Professional but you'll also continue learning the PADI System of diver education.

Boat Diver  Specialty

This course expands your knowledge about boats from small inflatables to large liveaboards. You'll gain experience on to organize your gear on board and scuba diving by completing two dives from a boat.

Deep Diver  Specialty

Want to dive deeper sites with confidence at depths down to 40 m/130 ft. Further more, Learn how to manage your air supply, go over buddy contact procedures, and buoyancy control.

Wreck Diver Specialty

Do you desire Exploring ships, airplanes, cars and more fascinating historical artifacts and usually meet some of most beautiful aquatic life. Each wreck dive offers you that with a chance for a new discovery. 

Night Diver Specialty

The underwater world changes between day and night as the day creature retire the  night loving creatures come out to play. If you've wondered what happens underwater after the sun goes down, enroll in the Night Diver Specialty.

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