Welcome Bubblers! Nice to have you here with us.


​ Let us introduce you to BUBBLERS ;


  BUBBLERS is a multinational Scuba Diving Community in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Here in

BUBBLERS we have a wide range of friends from different backgrounds and with many different talents. We have been established for some time. And now the spirit has been formed into a body called BUBBLERS. Here we are, officially alive (normally underwater) with a heart that beats.

Here with BUBBLERS, you will all experience what we've experiencing in our beautiful Journeys. The very first and important thing is, you'll experience the idea of being surrounded by the blue sea and facing the beautiful creatures that will make you understand the concept of blue abyss. It's not all about "BREATHING" under the water. It's about experiencing the flying sensation, the freedom and the beauty of "BLUE".

You may find us everywhere. On shore, at a party, on a boat, behind a reef, on a Jet Ski. Wherever/Whenever you see one of us just tap on our shoulder and join.

BUBBLERS philosophy is based on the idea of Experiencing the Extreme.

"We are all BUBBLERS under the Water. But with BUBBLERS Scuba Diving Community, we are BUBBLERS everywhere.

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